Lucy & Thomas

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take photos? 

Yes and no! Firstly, and most importantly, please don't take any photos during the ceremony! Not only do we not want your camera lenses to crack, we've got a couple of fab photographers who will capture every moment and we'd love you all to relax and enjoy the ceremony without needing to take any photos. After that, snap away to your hearts content!

I want to give a wedding gift, can I? 

The most important gift you can give to us is to come to our wedding - we know there are people travelling for many miles and many hours to be with us for our special day and that's amazing! If you do, however, want to give a gift, we'd ask if you could please visit our Honeymoon gift site. You'll be able to gift parts of our honeymoon - whether that be our first cocktail as a married couple abroad or a fun excursion for us to enjoy. If you're really, really lucky, we might even internally name a turtle / small mammal / shark / mosquito after you!

The link is available here:

What time should I arrive? 

If you're a day guest, please arrive for around 2.30pm. The ceremony will begin (around!) 3pm so this should ensure you are late enough to be escorted properly so you don't end up falling in the lake, and early enough that you'll have plenty of time to get settled in before the big event. Who knows - it could be a chance for a half hour sunbathe! Please try to arrive by 2.45pm at the very latest! If you are an evening guest, please arrive for around 8pm, with the cake cutting to commence around 8.15pm.

Is there a dress code? 

Yes - the dress code is 'cocktail' which is just a fancy name for your standard wedding outfit - you can never overdress for a wedding! That unfortunately means no hoodies, miniskirts, chainmail, swords... you get the point.

Can I bring my car? 

Yes - but not as a date, that would be weird. You are welcome to leave your car at the venue overnight, although you have to pick it up the next morning (between 9 and 10.30am). For most people who are staying overnight, we'd recommend you to park at your hotel and get a taxi in! As we're really only promoting a couple of 'main' hotels, you should find plenty of guests looking to travel to Longstowe, so there should be some good opportunities for ride sharing.

Are kids welcome? 

It depends how annoying they are Of course! That said, parts of the ceremony and location may not be suitable for younger children. For example, the ceremony is next to an open lake and there won't be much to keep younger children entertained at the venue. We therefore probably wouldn't recommend bringing a child under 5, particularly for the ceremony! There are some great local childcare services if needed; just email us and we can send you some helpful contacts. This often works really well, as the child can join us for the wedding breakfast and evening, but avoid the more 'adult' parts such as the ceremony and drinks reception. There's nothing worse than trying to fish a muddy 3 year old out of lake whilst trying to hold on to your glass of prosecco. #weddingparentproblems

Can I bring a +1? 

Please get in touch with us as it is really dependent on numbers - you'll also be able to add a +1 as part of your RSVP! As much as we'd love you to bring along your best friend / parents / that guy you met the night before and drunkenly invited along, the ceremony has a maximum capacity so we are limited by day guests; but if we can fit your +1 in, we will! We have lots of space in the evening so you'll definitely be able to have a +1 join you for some fun. Please do let us know well in advance though as we need to confirm numbers with the evening caterers!

When is the RSVP deadline? 

The RSVP deadline for evening guests is 30th April 2018. "How much notice do these people need?!" we hear you exclaim to your partner / colleague / herd of cats. Well, it gives us time to make sure the caterers know numbers so they can serve the right amount of food, which apparently is important for some reason.

Is there evening food? 

Yes! If you're arriving as an evening guest, you should have plenty to eat. That said, we'd recommend having a light dinner or large lunch, just in case you aren't keen on what's on offer - we don't want anyone to be hangry!

Is there anything else I should know? 

Hopefully the weather will be friendly to us but you never know what you're going to get - it is the UK after all! Remember to bring an umbrella in case it rains - we're hoping for some nice warm, sunny weather for late June, so keep your fingers crossed!!!

Also, we can't provide our own drinks in the evening as the venue run a cash bar, so please do bring along some money if you want to continue to drink into the evening. That covers soft and alcoholic drinks, though we would imagine tap water would be available for free. Please don't drink from the lake though; whilst it may taste a bit like Coors Light, it probably won't do you much good.